Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking – it makes something we can all do… twice as effective! Nordic Walking uses poles in order to add two major benefits to walking

The use of poles means the upper body muscles are used as well as the legs. The poles help to propel the walker along – this means he/she works harder than usual yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier!

Nordic Walking is a specific fitness technique and is not to be confused with trekking, hill walking or trail running as the poles are not planted in front of the walker/runner but in a specific way that increases the use of the upper body. It can be done by anybody, anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothing.

So how can I have a go…?

Book on a 45 minute session that will help you understand just how beneficial Nordic walking can be and how it is far more than just walking with poles!

Get a taste of how light you will feel on your feet, how the whole body is mobilised and why you need to take the time to learn the technique.

Enjoyed that so sign up for a Learn to Nordic walk course 

This award winning course will help you to not only learn Nordic walking technique but will help you to use it in order to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Each session adds another ‘gear’ and helps you to understand how to gain propulsion, gradually increase the workload and learn how to Nordic walk for fitness, weight loss or fun! Four one hour sessions in a relaxed group suitable for all levels.

To find out about taster sessions and courses in your area go to the
  Nordic Walking UK website.
Locally in East Devon, race Director Pauline Beare is also a Nordic walking Instructor and delivery partner for NWUK. Pauline and her team deliver taster sessions, Learn to Nordic Walk courses and walks locally in East Devon, Plymouth, Okehampton, Exeter and open to request for tasters courses in other areas. Whatever your age, shape or size you too can Nordic Walk.“It is an amazing activity which uses all the major muscle groups but is safe and low impact” says Pauline. Having had two knee replacements Nordic Walking has helped Pauline regain her fitness and now she loves helping others get active and seeing their fitness levels change.

Pauline will be offering taster sessions and courses in the lead up to the marathon so visit the
On the Go Nordic Walking website, or read more here. You can email Pauline at: 

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What is Nordic Walking?
​By Pauline Beare

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Nordic Walking

You can run or Nordic walk this event - however you do it, Women Can!